6 Episodes

Harry, an Uber driver with autism, tries his best to connect with his passengers. Though his interactions go hilariously awry, like mistaking jihad for hijab, he remains optimistic that he’ll one day understand people, and maybe even woo his crush.

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  • Episode 1 – Girl Talk

    Episode 1

    A bride and her bridesmaids hire Harry to take them dress shopping. But, when Harry misses the hint that the bride is secretly pregnant, he risks spilling the beans to her mother as he interrogates her about her fantasy wedding plans.

  • Episode 2 – Counter Tourism

    Episode 2

    Harry is excited to take a nervous Middle Eastern couple on a tour of the city’s landmarks. However, when he drops them off at an important government building, Harry fears he may have aided a terrorist plot.

  • Episode 3 – Domestics

    Episode 3

    Harry takes an Italian family to their grandmother’s birthday party, only to become dismayed when none of them actually wants to attend. When Harry reminisces about his own grandmother, everyone learns a lesson about the importance of family.

  • Episode 4 – Toy Story

    Episode 4

    Harry is about to ask Wendy out when he finds a child’s toy left in the back seat of his car. He wastes the whole day, and risks serious consequences, trying to find its owner, only to discover that the world is not the way he imagines it.

  • Episode 5 – About a Boy

    Episode 5

    Harry is delighted to discover that his passenger is a boy on the autism spectrum just like him. Unfortunately, Harry tries to use his experience to coach the boy about how to talk to people at parties, only to make the boy hysterical.

  • Episode 6 – Wing Men

    Episode 6

    Harry is intimidated when a pair of boisterous rappers hire him as their personal after-party driver for a night. But, when they learn about Harry’s feelings for Wendy, they insist on helping him win her heart—whether he’s ready or not.