Frame by Frame

Frame by Frame

5 Episodes

Celebrated photojournalists explore images of the people and events that helped shape the American experience, and discuss how working with photographs impacts them personally.

Frame by Frame
  • Episode 1 - Alysia Burton Steele

    Episode 1

    Alysia Burton Steele was a new photo editor at the Dallas Morning News when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. She, along with a masterful team, brought to bare the hard truths of the disaster. Their bold approach won the paper a Pulitzer.

  • Episode 2 - Pete Souza

    Episode 2

    Pete Souza, Barack Obama’s Presidential photographer, discusses the influences and inspirations in his work.

  • Episode 3 - Regina H. Boone

    Episode 3

    Regina H. Boone is the daughter of African American journalism icon, Raymond H. Boone. When she covered the Flint Water Crisis, her intimate photograph of a young boy struck a national chord, and continued a legacy.

  • Episode 4 - Stanley Forman

    Episode 4

    Stanley Forman describes his coverage of the most violent anti-busing protests in America that yielded his Pulitzer prize winning photograph, The Soiling of Old Glory.

  • Episode 5 - Chester Higgins

    Episode 5

    Photographer Chester Higgins discusses his coverage of a burgeoning ACT UP movement in 80s New York City. He connects his personal history with resistance to making imagery that highlights the humanity of those engaged in fights against oppression.