Faster Than Fear

Faster Than Fear

6 Episodes

No one knows how the killer escaped, but one thing's for certain–he will kill again and Detective Sunny Becker is on the case. In a race against time, the biggest thing holding Sunny back are her own demons.

Faster Than Fear
  • Episode 1 – Demons

    Episode 1

    No one on the force knows why Detective Sunny Becker was on leave for 6 weeks. Upon her return she’s immediately assigned a dangerous case–track down a known serial killer who has escaped prison before he kills again.

  • Episode 2 – Rats

    Episode 2

    Serial murderer, Haffner always seems to be one step ahead of police, causing suspicions for Becker that there’s a possible leak amongst the squad. The hunt for the killer becomes more personal for Becker.

  • Episode 3 – Inferno

    Episode 3

    Becker’s hunt for the killer becomes more complicated. Becker’s suspicion that there’s a mole on the squad grows as she becomes paranoid that the mysterious figure helping Haffner wants to sabotage her career in the process.

  • Episode 4 – Payback

    Episode 4

    The internal corruption that’s been helping the killer continue on the lam is revealed. Becker risks everything to protect the killer’s illegitimate teenage son from danger as she concocts a plan to lure Haffner out of hiding.

  • Episode 5 – Manhunt

    Episode 5

    The killer attempts to extort funds from his son’s mother in order to sustain his life on the lam. With morale at an all time low the squad makes one more push to bring Haffner in.

  • Episode 6 – Freedom

    Episode 6

    Becker discovers who is trying to sabotage her life and career. As she tries to wrap her head around it, the rest of the squad searches for the killer’s son. But are they heading toward a dangerous trap?