5 Episodes

This series features distinct perspectives on, pathways to, and experiences of homelessness. The interviews were conducted in 2015 while each Cast was having their portrait painted or drawn, as part of a project called Face New York.

  • Episode 1 – Mr. Macklin

    Episode 1

    Mr. Macklin’s journey took him from living as a wealthy businessman to living on the street.

  • Episode 2 – William

    Episode 2

    Friends always get William into trouble, but his dog Chloe is his loyal protector.

  • Episode 3 – Milo

    Episode 3

    Milo grew up around addicts, and later became one himself. Now clean and sober, he wants to show young kids a different path.

  • Episode 4 – Declan

    Episode 4

    When his sister asked him to be her daughter’s godfather, Declan knew he had to change his life.

  • Episode 5 – Andrew

    Episode 5

    Andrew’s late wife was the love of his life. They shared everything, including an addiction.