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(Updated 4/4/2019)

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—What is Topic?—

Topic is a new streaming service from First Look Media’s entertainment division that offers the best TV and film from around the globe. From thought-provoking originals to award-winning films, everything at Topic is hand-selected, so you won’t waste a minute of watching time searching for something great.

Discover your new favorite dramas, laugh-out-loud comedies, festival-featured documentaries, critically acclaimed indie films, provocative talk shows, and stellar shorts.

Meet a whole new world of characters from uncompromising rebels and partners-in-crime, to irreverent blowhards and moody detectives. Welcome to borderless entertainment.

Not ready to commit? We get it. Watch a selection of our shows any time for free. No strings attached. Start your FREE TRIAL now

—My Account—

Subscription Details

To check your subscription details, please log into your account on the device where you made the purchase and navigate to Settings. There you will be able to find your sign up date, the subscription period and when your next billing date.

By default, all subscriptions work on a recurring basis, and you will automatically be billed upon the next billing date, unless you have formally cancelled before.

If you haven’t signed up yet, we appreciate your interest! You can try us for free for 7 days.

If you enjoy your trial, do nothing and your subscription will automatically continue for as long as you choose to remain a member.

To subscribe to Topic, go to https://topic.com

After your free trial, there is a $5.99 US monthly or $59.99 US annual ($7.99 CA or $79.99 CA) subscription fee that unlocks:

- Hand-picked series and films from around the globe with more added every month - Topic Originals not available anywhere else
- Watch immediately on iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Android, Amazon Fire, and on the web
- Favorite your shows and save them for later
- Stream on up to 2 screens at the same time
- Watch in 4k (when available)
- Ad-free
- Create multiple profiles (coming soon)
- Download and watch offline (coming soon)

Who is Cleeng?

- Cleeng is our partner for subscription management and customer service. We think they are pretty great. To find out more about them, please visit www.cleeng.com.  
- Cleeng will also appear on your bank statements, instead of Topic, since Cleeng is our authorized payment partner.

—Watching Topic—

How can I watch Topic?

You can watch Topic by downloading our app on the devices below or by heading to https://watch.topic.com on your Mac or PC.

- AppleTV, iPhone (iOS), iPad (iOS):  https://go.topic.com/apple
- Android: https://go.topic.com/android
- Roku: https://go.topic.com/roku  
- Amazon Fire TV: https://go.topic.com/amazonfire   
- Amazon Prime Video Channels: https://go.topic.com/amazonchannels

What browser should I watch on?

For the best viewing experience, we recommend using Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox to view on Desktop and Mobile devices. Please note that if you are using Internet Explorer, Edge is recommended since IE is being phased out of the marketplace.

Where can I watch Topic?

Topic’s subscription service is currently only available in the United States and Canada. However, if you’re outside of North America, you can enjoy a selection of our programming for free. If you’re interested in having Topic launch in your country, let us know by emailing support@topic.com.

How often do I get to see new programming?

We will make sure that you get the most out of your subscription! New content will be released mostly on Thursdays and we’ll email you to let you know what to expect. 

To check out what’s launching soon, open Topic’s app and in the menu, go to EXPLORE and then COMING SOON.

The video or stream quality is bad, what can I do?

We recommend viewing from a connection with a download bandwidth of at least 700Kbps. To view in HD or 4k, you may need to have higher download speeds.

If you’re still having trouble, try reloading the page a few times or see if you can access the title from another browser and/or device. You may also try to clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

If your problem continues please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly support team, by filling out the form at https://topic.com/support.

—Payments & Plans—

How do I update my payment method?

If you wish to update or remove your payment method, you can do it anytime by following these simple steps:

- Open Settings on the device where you made the purchase.

- Navigate to Payment for that device.

- Here, you can update your payment information for all apps purchased on that device.

Why hasn’t my subscription renewed?

By default, all subscriptions are renewed automatically. However, sometimes you may notice your subscription plan wasn't renewed automatically. In such case you’ll receive an automated email notification and will have 48 hours to act upon this feedback.

There are two main reasons for a failed renewal:

- Your bank doesn't accept the transaction due to its own policies. Please contact your bank directly to obtain more information.

- Your credit card has expired or had insufficient funds. You can update your credit card details in your account. Simply click on the link we send you in the automated notification email and update your credit card info.

**After 48 hours without action from your side, the auto-renewal won't be possible anymore and your subscription will be automatically cancelled. You will need to subscribe again to start a new subscription cycle.

How do I change my plan from a monthly to an annual my plan?

Sorry, at this time, we can not change your subscription plan directly. What you can do is cancel your current monthly subscription and re-subscribe to an annual plan instead.

How do I use my promo code/coupon?

Congratulations on receiving a promo code! Your code can only be redeemed at https://topic.com/.

Please follow below steps to redeem your discount:

- Please go to https://topic.com/.

- Click the 'Sign up' button.

- Create an account or sign into your existing one.

- Once registered, you can redeem your coupon code at checkout. Click on activate to enable your discount.

- Complete your subscription.

Please note that your promo code may be restricted to specific offers, so double check that you are applying it to the correct plan option. Also, promo codes cannot be used on existing subscriptions.

My payment is rejected, what can I do?

If you have registered, but your payment didn't go through and was rejected by the bank. Please do the following:

- Double-check if you filled in the correct billing details, including expiration date or your CVC code.

- If your data is correct, you might need to contact your bank asking for more details. Due to privacy policy we don't receive any details on the reason of this rejection from the banks. You can find their contact details at the back of your card.

- To get access immediately, you can try using another payment method.

- When you pay with a Credit Card, our system asks authorization from your bank. In some cases a bank refuses the payment. This can have multiple reasons, however the bank does not inform us about the exact reason to respect your privacy. So we are unable to give you specific information. Please contact your bank for any details and status of your account in case this happens to you.

In some rare cases a credit card payment is blocked due to our fraud filters.

When you pay with a credit balance on your PayPal account, transactions tend to go very smoothly. Be aware that if you pay using an external payment method, like your credit card that is associated with your PayPal account, similar issues can arise like those indicated above.

Where can I change my password?

There are some restrictions to make sure that your password is secured, it must contain one letter and digit (or special character) and be at least 8 characters long.

If you wish to change your password, you can do it anytime by following these simple steps:

- Go to https://topic.com/

- Click the ‘Sign in’ link at the top of the page

- Click the ‘Forgot your password?’ link in the sign in form.

- Enter the email address associated with the account.

- Click ‘Submit’.

- You will receive a link to reset your password via email.


How do I cancel my subscription?

If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do it anytime by following these easy steps based on where you subscribed. 

If you subscribed via one of our apps eg. Apple (iTunes & App Store), Google Play (Android), Amazon Fire or Channels, or Roku you will not be able to cancel within the Topic app itself or at https://www.topic.com/account.

Instead, please follow these steps:
 - Navigate to where Subscriptions settings are managed for your device’s App Store.
- Here, you will see Topic listed with other purchases you have made on that device.
- Click on Topic and you can cancel your subscription there.  

- For help with a specific platform:
Apple App Store subscriptions
Google Play subscriptions
Roku subscriptions
Amazon Fire subscriptions
Amazon Channels subscriptions  

If you subscribed directly on topic.com, head to https://www.topic.com/account:  
- Under Subscription, select Unsubscribe to cancel your subscription.

Don’t worry! You will continue to enjoy content access through the purchased period, please keep your cancellation receipt for your records.

Please note that if you do not cancel your subscription before the next installment is due you will be charged for the entirety of that period.

If you are still having trouble, please email support@topic.com and they will ensure your subscription is cancelled.


Refund Request

Please note that all subscriptions auto-renew unless cancelled prior to when the next payment. We don't process pro-rated refund so if you cancel within the subscription period, you'll still have access until the date you paid for.

Refunds will only be granted in the following cases:

- A viewer made double/multiple purchases using the same registration/login data. If you paid double, please open a ticket and attach both of your receipts and a screenshot of your bank statement showing the two payments you received after the purchase. We will refund the second purchase within 48 hours.

- An advertised title was cancelled and no longer available 

- More than 80% of the content had streaming issues (no sound, or poor sound & video quality).

For any reasons other than the above mentioned cases, we would ask you to please read Cleeng’s terms of service, available at

—Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy—

Topic’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy

Please visit https://www.topic.com/terms-of-service to review our Terms of Service.

Please visit https://www.topic.com/privacy-policy to review our Privacy Policy

By subscribing to Topic’s service, you accept our Terms of Service and consent to the collection, use, and sharing of your data and other activities as described in our Privacy Policy.

Please read these Terms carefully before using the Services. If you don't agree to these Terms or Privacy Policy, you may not use the Services.

Found your answers? We hope the above FAQs helped to find the answers you are looking for. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to our friendly Customer Success Specialists by filling in the form at https://topic.com/support.