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10 Episodes

Documentary | United States • Seven billion people. One act. Infinite ways to do it. Everybody eats, but that’s where the similarities end. With the power to influence cultures, industries, and personal ambitions, eating is a direct entry point into understanding humanity

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  • Episode 1 - Competitively

    Episode 1

    In this episode, top competitive eater Molly Schuyler shows us that sometimes in order to feed your family, you have to eat — a lot. Like 265 jalapenos a lot.

  • Episode 2 - After Oral Cancer

    Episode 2

    Wyanne beat oral cancer, but now she must eat every meal through a feeding tube. It’s challenging, but she keeps a healthy perspective: “I can eat everything they eat; it’s just in a different way.”

  • Episode 3 - With A Food Phobia

    Episode 3

    Maggie has ARFID (Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder), which heavily restricts what she’s able to eat (mostly junk food). An eye-opening look at someone who is viscerally repulsed by an apple.

  • Episode 4 - Public School Breakfast

    Episode 4

    This episode takes a look at the School Breakfast Program, which serves breakfast to 14.5 million students in the US. In lower-income areas, it may be the only stable meal of their day.

  • Episode 5 - As a Wrestler

    Episode 5

    For wrestlers, who have to maintain a certain weight in order to compete, eating becomes a math equation, balanced by diet, exercise, and sometimes cutting weight, the practice of rapid weight loss.

  • Episode 6 - Solo

    Episode 6

    Truck driver Armando eats most meals alone and on the road, his cell phone his only company. After 20 years of eating solo, now when he sits down with family, he eats more and savors each bite.

  • Episode 7 - As a Community

    Episode 7

    Inspired by his grandmother, who used to make him porridge every morning, Devonn founded Yardy to bring the same care and nourishment to his community, through family meals and events.

  • Episode 8 - As a Jain

    Episode 8

    Jainism is a religion that believes in noninjury to living creatures, which means no meat, eggs, or even root vegetables. Food blogger Priyanka Shah gets creative with a seemingly restrictive diet.

  • Episode 9 - Off the Land

    Episode 9

    In remote Alaska, inhabitants survive by subsistence hunting and fishing. For the Native communities, eating off the land is also a spiritual way of life passed down from generations.

  • Episode 10 - With Cannabis

    Episode 10

    Chef Miguel Trinidad treats cannabis like any other ingredient — he considers the flavor profiles of each strain before pairing it with a dish, making getting high a very culinary experience.