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Dubbed Versions of Your Foreign Favorites

  • Christian (English)

    1 season

    Working as a criminal enforcer, Christian is shocked when stigmata appears on his hands. He soon realizes the signs are accompanied by mysterious powers. But how far can Christian take them, and can he escape the church?

  • Agatha Christie's Hjerson (English)

    1 season

    An Agatha Christie offshoot featuring Sven Hjerson, a detective who has suddenly retired, and Klara, a reality TV producer with ambitions to create more meaningful work. Together the unlikely pair solve murder mysteries.

  • Follow the Money (English)

    3 seasons

    Corrupt CEOs, ambitious climbers, dogged detectives. Welcome to a world where in order to follow the connection between big bankers, crime syndicates, and cartels, all you have to do is follow the money. Originally aired in Denmark as “Bedrag.”

  • The Bridge (English)

    4 seasons

    Considered to be the series that started the Nordic Noir genre, The Bridge (Bron/Broen) follows Detective Saga Norén as she and her colleagues investigate a string of crimes committed around Øresund Bridge, the conduit between Sweden and Denmark.

  • The Killing (English)

    3 seasons

    The Killing (Forbrydelsen) is Nordic Noir defined. Follow the unprecedented Detective Sarah Lund as she takes on a series of complex murder cases, each with political implications, and watch as obsession consumes her.

  • Arctic Circle (English)

    2 seasons

    When a dying sex worker is found in a cabin with a deadly virus in her body, a Finnish officer must team up with a German virologist to track a serial killer and contain the virus before it becomes a full-blown pandemic.

  • Pagan Peak (English)

    2 seasons

    When a gruesomely staged body is found at the German-Austrian border, two detectives investigate. As the ritual-like murders continue, they enter the killer’s sinister world, set in the Alpine wilderness. Originally aired in Germany as Der Pass.

  • Salamander (English)

    2 seasons

    When 66 safe deposit boxes are robbed in Brussels, Police Inspector Paul Gerardi discovers that the victims are all members of a mysterious elite organization called Salamander, and their stolen secrets could bring down the entire country.

  • Dark Woods (English)

    1 season

    Inspired by a real-life case that went unsolved for almost 30 years, the series follows a high-ranking police officer’s decades-long search for his sister and a smart young detective who ends up becoming instrumental in the investigation.

  • Prisoners of War (English)

    2 seasons

    17 years ago, three Israeli soldiers were captured in Lebanon. Two return home and begin to adjust to civilian life as an investigation is opened into the mysterious circumstances surrounding their captivity.

  • Bullets (English)

    1 season

    When an ex-terrorist seeks political asylum it’s up to undercover cop Mari Saari to befriend the criminal and find out why she’s really come to Helsinki. But in the hunt for answers, not everything is as it seems.

  • Dead Mountain (English)

    1 season

    This mind-boggling mystery is based on the de-classified files of the real-life investigation into the gruesome death of nine student hikers found in the Russian Ural Mountains in 1959, a case that has spawned 60 years of conspiracy theories.

  • Autonomies (English)

    1 season

    Set in an alternate reality in which the State of Israel is split into two territories; one a secular state, the other an ultra-Orthodox reality. A man is recruited to kidnap a girl caught in the centre of a legal battle between the opposing sides.