Deliver Us

Deliver Us

8 Episodes

In this dark Danish psychological drama, five people in a small town plot a seemingly perfect revenge murder - but playing God has devilish ramifications.

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Deliver Us
  • Episode 1

    Episode 1

    Peter is convinced Mike caused his son's death.

  • Episode 2

    Episode 2

    As Mike spreads vicious rumors about Tom, Bibi takes action.

  • Episode 3

    Episode 3

    Peter comes up with a plan to test whether the group are ready.

  • Episode 4

    Episode 4

    Martin and Anna's plans are thrown into disarray.

  • Episode 5

    Episode 5

    The group tries to return to normal life, but Peter begins to break down.

  • Episode 6

    Episode 6

    Martin and John are forced to work together to carry out Peter's plan.

  • Episode 7

    Episode 7

    The plan proceeds, but Milad's son threatens the whole process.

  • Episode 8

    Episode 8

    Peter is possessed by a rage for revenge.