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Episode 2 – Our Father

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  • Episode 2 – Our Father

    Robert finds his revenge plot has grown more complex after he witnesses Anders together with the infamous international weapons broker David Hatch. He decides to join up with Rolf and get his revenge on Anders through exposing the illegal deal.

  • Episode 3 – Past, Present and Future

    Åsa believes her father’s disappearance the result of foul play. She gets her hands on a security tape that she hopes can give her answers, as she believes it contains the last known images of her father. Meanwhile, Robert turns to Marianne for help.

  • Episode 4 – Someone Will Pay

    Åsa seeks help from Jen in trying to decipher the research files that she found in her father’s storage unit. They find a suspect who they think might be involved in Rolf’s disappearance but Åsa fears that she’s stepped right into the hornet’s nest.