Conspiracy of Silence

Conspiracy of Silence

8 Episodes

Robert Kastell, a former arms dealer, emerges from exile to seek revenge on the man that lured him into the Swedish weapons trade before trying to have him killed. However, the appearance of his long-lost daughter forces him to change his approach.

Conspiracy of Silence
  • Episode 1 – Lazarus

    Episode 1

    Robert Kastell returns to Sweden after having been presumed dead for thirty years. A personal tragedy has made him leave his exile,and sent him on a final journey of revenge - the target being the successful arms trade broker Anders Spetz.

  • Episode 2 – Our Father

    Episode 2

    Robert finds his revenge plot has grown more complex after he witnesses Anders together with the infamous international weapons broker David Hatch. He decides to join up with Rolf and get his revenge on Anders through exposing the illegal deal.

  • Episode 3 – Past, Present and Future

    Episode 3

    Åsa believes her father’s disappearance the result of foul play. She gets her hands on a security tape that she hopes can give her answers, as she believes it contains the last known images of her father. Meanwhile, Robert turns to Marianne for help.

  • Episode 4 – Someone Will Pay

    Episode 4

    Åsa seeks help from Jen in trying to decipher the research files that she found in her father’s storage unit. They find a suspect who they think might be involved in Rolf’s disappearance but Åsa fears that she’s stepped right into the hornet’s nest.

  • Episode 5 – Wilted Leaves

    Episode 5

    Åsa and Mario decide to run away with their daughter and seek shelter with distant family, as Robert promises to find those responsible for the death of Åsa’s father. Robert teams up with Jens to investigate; a new lead lead provides them with hope.

  • Episode 6 – At Any Price

    Episode 6

    After discovering that her father Robert is alive, an angry Johanna confront Anders. Meanwhile, Åsa and Jens set up an interview with Maggie in a guised attempt to force her to answer questions; Åsa and Jens’s relationship takes a surprising turn.

  • Episode 7 – Not Animals

    Episode 7

    After a series of setbacks in both her professional and personal life, Åsa feels as though she has hit rock-bottom and cannot trust anyone. But, then the police notify her that they’ve arrested someone in connection with her father’s murder.

  • Episode 8 – Cannot Be Undone

    Episode 8

    Robert and Åsa find that their secret headquarters has been robbed. Robert goes on a mission to retrieve the USB drive and publish the stolen documents. Meanwhile, a manic Åsa pursues her father’s killer after he’s unexpectedly released from custody.