2 Seasons

Inspired by real people, this drama follows a draft dodger who joins the Israel Defense Forces with a group of Orthodox men who defied their families to enlist. The show explores unlikely friendships, romance, and the clash between family and duty.

  • Episode 1 – Yes, Sergeant Sir!

    Episode 1

    Yakov is now the proud unit commander of the IDF's Haredi basic training unit. He takes a young trainee named Eliahu, who comes from a similar background, under his wing. Meanwhile, Yakov’s former best friend Amram is unexpectedly released from jail.

  • Episode 2 – Missing

    Episode 2

    After the disappearance of Yakov and Eliahu, rumors spread quickly, and the assumption is that the Vizhnitz Hassidic community is behind the abduction. Amram refuses to accept this theory and starts his own investigation.

  • Episode 3 – Bloodhounds

    Episode 3

    The IDF refutes the initial assumption that the Hassidic community is involved in the disappearance and increases the search efforts in the base. In captivity, Yakov recognizes one of his abductors and forces him to tell him what happened to Eliahu.

  • Episode 4 – Yakov's Dream

    Episode 4

    Amram discovers that Yonatan and Hillel are connected to Yakov’s disappearance. Before he can tell Elisheva, the Military Police arrive and take all of the trainees for interrogation. Meanwhile, Eliahu's body is found at the remote end of the base.

  • Episode 5 – Chocolate

    Episode 5

    After Elisheva begs him to do so, Amran plays along with Hillel's grandiose plan and makes Yakov swear that he too will cooperate. But a short while later he has second thoughts, as he is afraid that Yakov may not make it out alive.