2 Seasons

Inspired by real people, this drama follows a draft dodger who joins the Israel Defense Forces with a group of Orthodox men who defied their families to enlist. The show explores unlikely friendships, romance, and the clash between family and duty.

  • Episode 1 – City of Refuge

    Episode 1

    A group of Orthodox soldiers decide to enlist in the army, despite the objections of their strictly religious families. The soldiers face derision both in the army and back home, but they discover that the unit is their new family.

  • Episode 2 – The Lord is a God Who Avenges

    Episode 2

    Ya’akov and Amram attempt to retrieve the weapon that was stolen from them. Sephi from the Shin-Bet tries to recruit Gur-Arye as an informant in the Orthodox brigade and threatens to expose a secret from his past if he does not cooperate

  • Episode 3 – Those Who Piss on the Army

    Episode 3

    After the army fails to punish the men who attacked them, Amram encourages Ya’akov to take revenge. Ya’akov asks permission from his rabbi to speak to a secular friend after he falls in love with a girl he’s met on the military’s communication net.

  • Episode 4 – A Royal Mutiny

    Episode 4

    After Amram is placed in military prison for stealing stun grenades, Ya’akov fights to free him and unites the brigade in a mutiny. Tamar helps him plan the action. Meanwhile, Alexei visits his father, and learns an important lesson about obedience.

  • Episode 5 – The PFT

    Episode 5

    The brigade trains for the PFT – the physical fitness test – while everybody tries to find out who ratted on the mutiny. Amram gives everything he has for Alexei’s sake, but an unexpected phone call from Shimi sabotages his plans.

  • Episode 6 – Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman?

    Episode 6

    The soldiers are excited about their upcoming leave. Amram meets with Elisheba and spends a tense Sabbath with her. Meanwhile, Gur-Arye goes home, tries to get his fiancée back, and confronts Rabbi Marom over their past.

  • Episode 7 – The Lie

    Episode 7

    A military reporter interviews Ya’akov about life on base. But, Ya’akov gets himself in trouble when he lies about a relationship with a “secular soldier.” Elisheba looks into Amram’s past and discovers surprising details.

  • Episode 8 – Guardian of Israel

    Episode 8

    The brigade heads out to guard duty in Judea and Samaria, as Amram gets a threatening message; if he doesn’t help Avigdor smuggle drugs, something bad will happen to Elisheba. Meanwhile, Ya’akov has a tough decision to make.

  • Episode 9 – Sound Off

    Episode 9

    Gur-Arye confesses to Amram that he ratted him out, then disappears. The other soldiers find him barricaded inside a mosque, completely delirious. As Ya’akov, Amram and Alexei head into the mosque to help him, Gur-Arye reveals a secret from his past.

  • Episode 10 – The Revenge

    Episode 10

    After Gur-Arye’s suicide, the brigade commander declares that the Orthodox brigade is being disbanded. Gur-Arye’s ex-fiancée gives Amram and Ya’akov a cellphone that was found on his body; they find a recording and decide to take their revenge.

  • Episode 11 – A True Friend

    Episode 11

    In the season finale, Amram goes AWOL and tries talking to Avigdor about settling the debt in person but he discovers that Shimi has been lying to him. Ya’akov decides to leave the army and marry Leah.