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Chris Gethard’s Beautiful/Anonymous

Chris Gethard’s Beautiful/Anonymous

4 Episodes

Comedian and self-proclaimed “telephone call enthusiast” Chris Gethard brings his acclaimed podcast to the screen. Each unpredictable episode features one anonymous caller, 30 minutes of brutally candid conversation, no names, and no holds barred.

Chris Gethard’s Beautiful/Anonymous
  • Episode 1 - I’m Super Gay

    Episode 1

    Chris’s caller discovered something amazing while quarantining with her husband and going through a divorce: she’s super gay. And that’s only the beginning of this story about acceptance, motherhood, embracing your true self, and...boobs.

  • Episode 2 - Nick Raver

    Episode 2

    What starts out as a wholesome story about a savvy backyard kids’ club turns into a wild tale of ‘90s party life, drugs, and sneaking friends into raves inside your pants. The roller coaster ends on a tender note about the caller’s resilience.

  • Episode 3 - Nuke Radio

    Episode 3

    He used to be a radio DJ and roadie for bands like Black Flag, but the caller is now a nuclear administrator who yearns to return to music. Channeling Henry Rollins, fellow music lover Chris gives him some hard-core life advice: “rise above.”

  • Episode 4 - Wet Ben

    Episode 4

    For the first time ever, Chris gets shivers during a call. The caller describes the various ghost encounters she’s had, but the most chilling is about a little boy named Ben who she believes drowned and may now be on a path of vengeance.