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2 Seasons

Three eager gigolos set up an office together as ‘The Callboys,’ the go-to escort collective for women in search of courteous and well-endowed company. But as business booms, their testosterone-driven arguments cause everything to crash and burn.

  • Episode 1 – What is Mine, is Thine

    Episode 1

    More than a year has passed since the death of Jay Vleugels and the Callboys are still recovering. Jeremy does his best to find his footing but when he and Devon are double-booked for a role play, the newbie makes a critical error.

  • Episode 2 – The Wall as a Symbol of What?

    Episode 2

    After a drastic decision by Wes, things at Callboys Inc become stressful. Meanwhile, Devon tests a new formula, while Randy and Jeremy are booked as a sexy double act; Anthony does everything in his power to steer Wes through these rough times.

  • Episode 3 – Basically, Nothing has changed

    Episode 3

    The Callboys are elated when the bookings start pouring in and their popularity seems to reach new heights. However, the missing Wes finally resurfaces with a grand plan, which Anthony is not keen to take on.

  • Episode 4 – Swallow and Carry On

    Episode 4

    Wes is back as chairman for the first official meeting of ‘Callboys 2.0’. They now have the necessary means and the world is their oyster. But Anthony is in trouble and he decides to take a big risk in order to get his life back on track.

  • Episode 5 – Wickie

    Episode 5

    While Wes desperately tries to contribute ideas, Randy offers him a solution when he brings on the now washed out Anthony Biets. Luckily, Anthony has a clear idea of where the Callboys should be headed…but it calls for an overhaul of the operation!

  • Episode 6 – Imagination Exceeds the Performance

    Episode 6

    The Callboys panic. They’ve messed up again. Heads are bound to fall. Quarrels about how to approach the problem drive a wedge between the management. To make matters even worse, two ghosts from the past have returned to complicate the business.

  • Episode 7 – Not This Time

    Episode 7

    In the season finale, the previous office owner refuses to leave, and the new visitor points the finger at Devon and Jeremy. His intervention opens up old wounds. Will the Callboys’ fragile business plan survive their latest battle?