2 Seasons

Three eager gigolos set up an office together as ‘The Callboys,’ the go-to escort collective for women in search of courteous and well-endowed company. But as business booms, their testosterone-driven arguments cause everything to crash and burn.

  • Episode 1 – I Think I've Made a Big Mistake

    Episode 1

    Business is booming for The Callboys as Devon, Jay and Wesley find themselves highly in demand. So much, in fact, that Randy is even solicited by a client for a night of phone sex. Meanwhile, Jay learns about Miguel, a new competitor.

  • Episode 2 – Fonda

    Episode 2

    Devon arranges a meeting with saleswomen Fonda and Wendy, who run a firm that produces personalized sex toys. As Wes watches Fonda wrap his co-workers around her finger, he realizes he’s falling for her. But, would she date a callboy?

  • Episode 3 – Randy is the Nephew

    Episode 3

    Wesley tries to quit the escort service in one day so that he can prove himself to Fonda. But his exit strategy is complicated by poor timing when he decides to inform his co-workers during their monthly colonic.

  • Episode 4 – The Curse!!

    Episode 4

    After Wes quits escorting, Fonda keeps her promise and they go out on a date. But, she is concerned about his ability to sell their line of sex toys. Meanwhile, Jay produces and stars in an action-packed viral video to promote their new merchandise.

  • Episode 5 – I've Got the Callboys in My House

    Episode 5

    It’s been two weeks since the sex toys have been delivered and sales have been flat. Wes, now determined to sell all of their product, leads The Call Boys into a tense negotiation with the coked up CEO of Fuckarmy.

  • Episode 6 – A Small Decision Can Have Huge Consequences

    Episode 6

    After Mike witnesses his puppy get run over, he is ridiculed by the immature Wesley. The shopkeeper blows a fuse, gears up with paintball guns and drives off to ambush The Call Boys. Once the bullets start flying, it’s every gigolo for himself.

  • Episode 7 – Careful on the Road!

    Episode 7

    After being betrayed by Wes and Jay, Devon leaves The Call Boys for Fuckarmy. But the longer Devon stays at his new place of employment, the more obvious it becomes that he is just a pawn in Kjetl Benson's hands.