Blind Donna

Blind Donna

10 Episodes

After her husband leaves her, visually impaired Donna goes on a mission to meet her dream man. Finding love is never easy, but she’s not letting anything, especially her blindness, get in the way.

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Blind Donna
  • Episode 1 – Shock Awakening

    Episode 1

    How does it feel when every date is a blind date? Donna is a 27-year-old woman looking for love after her partner, the egocentric bassoon player André, leaves her. Though heartbroken, Donna decides to move on in search of the man of her dreams.

  • Episode 2 – Dating Again

    Episode 2

    Donna attempts online dating, when she signs up for the Tinder app in an attempt to meet some new potential mates. Meanwhile, two new residents move into Donna's house.

  • Episode 3 – Legal Action

    Episode 3

    Donna is surprised when she learns that her ex-boyfriend André now wants to sell their house; Donna gets a furry guest in the form of a dog.

  • Episode 4 – A Nose For Wine

    Episode 4

    After nearly causing a mishap at the wine shop, Donna meets a new man who gracefully helps her avert disaster. This chance encounter leads to a lunch date centered around a nice bottle of wine and some bedroom fun --- also involving wine.

  • Episode 5 – Phantom

    Episode 5

    Donna is still struggling to meet that special someone, but finds herself feeling hopeful when she attends Mira’s school party, which is an over-the-top masquerade affair. Will she meet the man of her dreams?

  • Episode 6 – Vanilla Sex

    Episode 6

    Donna heads out for a night on the town in search of a partner. She meets a very attractive male but discovers that she has an even deeper connection with an unlikely candidate.

  • Episode 7 – Maestro Of Love

    Episode 7

    World renowned conductor Simon Ruti arrives at Donna's for dinner and complicates things for Donna's ex-boyfriend André.

  • Episode 8 – The Angel Comes too Early

    Episode 8

    Donna comes up with an excuse to meet up with her old love Sampo. Will this ploy result in a romantic love connection or an awkward one night stand? An unexpected comedic twist.

  • Episode 9 – Mother Never Fails

    Episode 9

    Donna's worst nightmares come true when her mother pays a visit and embarasses her at a symphony led by conductor Simon Ruti; Donna makes a shocking discovery.

  • Episode 10 – A Toast To Love

    Episode 10

    In the season finale, Donna is still struggling with the discovery she just made. She plans to look for a new home but Andre's surprise announcement changes everything.