Best Walk

Best Walk

5 Episodes

Hip-hop, ballet, vogue, and so much more. In this competition, 20 fiercely unique dancers show off their moves across five iconic NYC neighborhoods. Host and judge, vogue pioneer Cesar Valentino, will decide: who’s got the Best Walk?

Best Walk
  • Episode 1 - The Oculus

    Episode 1

    Today we’re outside One World Trade Center and our dancers include a “gothic superhero with ghost powers,” a young Japanese woman new to the city, and a former exotic dancer from 1980s New York. Whose moves will prevail?

  • Episode 2 - Chinatown

    Episode 2

    Witness a seasoned ballet dancer arabesque next to bok choy stands, a goth dancer do an aerial flip across the street, and a second-grader attempt the worm outside a seafood shop. Who will be named champion out of Chinatown and move on to the finals?

  • Episode 3 - The Waterfront

    Episode 3

    From a Cuban woman whose moves turn heads to an old-school voguer who is a legend on the New York ball scene, today’s dancers will be workin’ it down Pier 35 on Manhattan’s waterfront. Who will wow Cesar and move on to the finals?

  • Episode 4 - 5th Ave.

    Episode 4

    What do a South Korean breakdancer, a poet, a Taiwanese B-girl, a cheerleading coach, and a 9-year-old girl have in common? They’re all going to be serving their best dance moves down Fifth Avenue. Who will Cesar choose to move on to the finals?

  • Episode 5 - Macy's Finale

    Episode 5

    There’s no better—or busier—New York location for the final round than Herald Square. Watch our finalists grand jeté down the crosswalk, twirl around poles, and even arabesque on a moving scooter. Who will Cesar crown the winner of Best Walk?