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Baron Noir

Baron Noir

3 Seasons

Like “The West Wing” meets “The Sopranos” but set in France, this fast-paced thriller reveals the dirtier side of French politics and a world in which the players are shady, the sabotage is ruthless, and revenge is everything.

Baron Noir
  • Episode 1 – The Check Up

    Episode 1

    Philippe Rickwaert celebrates the end of his ineligibility with an ambitious plan: bring the Socialist Party back from its ashes by running for president against President Amélie Dorendeu, Vidal's "left-wing populism," and the far right of Chalon.

  • Episode 2 – Diaspora

    Episode 2

    With the Socialist Party in shambles, Philippe joins Michel Vidal’s "The People Stand Up.” As the regional election approaches, Philippe sees it as a golden opportunity to pull some strings, but Vidal is not fooled by his double game.

  • Episode 3 – #METOO

    Episode 3

    During a trip to Spain, Vidal tries to secure Philippe’s loyalty and make him renounce his Elysian ambitions. As revelations about Amélie’s personal life thwarts her plans, she announces a surprise referendum that shakes Philippe’s alliance.

  • Episode 4 – Stock Taking

    Episode 4

    Amélie surprises everyone by announcing a referendum to modernize the institutions of the Fifth Republic, which divides Vidal and Philippe. When Vidal is forced to accept Philippe’s vote, he challenges him to an oral debate.

  • Episode 5 – Dastardly

    Episode 5

    Voting yes to Amélie’s referendum becomes a debacle and threatens to bury Philippe’s political ambitions. But when a pro-abstention supporter blurs the campaign, Philippe starts believing again, even if it means playing with fire.

  • Episode 6 – Yes

    Episode 6

    After the violence in the polling stations, Philippe is on the road to convince people that he can rally. If Amélie has given up running for reelection, Philippe is determined to unite the left, but Vidal does not want to give in to blackmail.

  • Episode 7 – Bruder

    Episode 7

    Although Philippe has given up the presidential election, he has not yet surrendered and expects to be appointed Prime Minister by Amélie, but his entourage is worried about his mental health. On the other side of the Rhine, a political storm brews.

  • Episode 8 – Ahou!

    Episode 8

    The first-ever cancellation of the presidential election creates an opening for Philippe to run. Facing an opposing candidate who challenges representative democracy, Philippe becomes its last bastion.