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Watch this video and more on Topic: Watch TV & Movies

Watch this video and more on Topic: Watch TV & Movies

Up Next in Badlands, Texas Season 1

  • Episode 2 – Murder in the Midnight

    The brutal murder of beloved Terlingua resident Glenn Felts stuns the community and launches a search for answers. Felt’s good friend Tony Flint is arrested on suspicion of murder; stunned residents speculate on what could have happened.

  • Episode 3 – The Interrogation

    Law enforcement discovers a gruesome crime scene and focuses on a red beanie cap, drag marks and boot prints; this evidence points to Tony Flint. But, he insists an alcoholic “black out” is preventing him from remembering what happened.

  • Episode 4 – The Trial

    Tony Flint’s defense attorney shocks the court when he claims Tony acted in self defense - a legitimate plea in Texas. But, the medical examiner contradicts that plea when he testifies that Glenn’s death is the most brutal beating he’s ever seen.